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My name is Clarence Bakken. I worked at Gunn, Palo Alto and Cubberley High Schools in Palo Alto, California, over a period of 35 years, retiring in 2002. I taught primarily Physics, ranging from Conceptual through AP-C in these three Palo Alto Unified School District high schools. In my later teaching years I spent increasing amounts of time with technology, and spent all of my time one year implementing the Digital High School program at Gunn HS.

The links help to define my life these days. Workshops infrequently these days, primarily for Vernier Software & Technology, a company I've worked with for over 20 years. For the past two years I've taught a "summer camp" at Foothill College in their STEM Summer Camp program. In my groups of middle school students, we learn the science of roller coasters and construct a model roller coaster model.

The Foon Hay Seniors Golf Club I maintain the web site for is listed, too, as well as the Federation of Chinese Golf Clubs.

I belong to another golf club and maintain their website: Retirees Invitational Golf Group.

The links on the right are for several sites that may be of interest to physics and science teachers. I keep these files on my iPage account so they can be accessed as long as they are of use to others.

Physics Day at Great America is our teacher-built web site to support this yearly activity. Check to see what's new and to get some good ideas to incorporate when taking classes to any amusement park.

WebLabs is an online set of 60 labs or more that you can peruse, then download either Word or pdf files for use in your classes. They are based around Vernier software and hardware, but many of the ideas can be implemented with other companies' equipment. Plus I'm working on adding labs that work for other subject areas. Several of the labs are good examples of Inquiry Labs. There's also a section on Projects that's worth checking out.

If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions, please send them to me at the address which follows. Thank you for visiting.

Clarence Bakken

Gunn High School, ret.
Palo Alto, CA 94306

CB @ Grand Canyon

Updated 2/12/18