Membership Guidelines

This organization was established to provide senior golfers in the San Jose area with the ability to play local courses on a regular basis. We play 52 rounds per year at 13 to 15 different courses in a range of 60 miles from San Jose. Our schedule is available to members each December for the next year and consists of a local course every Wednesday.

About 100 members are active, and 40-60 play each week. We have a range of handicaps and tournaments are flighted by handicap index. We try to schedule courses that allow walkers whenever possible.

We have a few rules to be eligible to join our golf group, which include:
  • Be recommended by a present member
  • Complete and submit the new member application
  • Play as a guest at least 4 times in a three month period
  • Play at least one of those rounds with a member of the Board of Directors
  • Demonstrate that you understand golf with respect to the rules and etiquette
  • Have the intent to play the recommended 15 rounds per year
  • New members are encouraged to take on a duty as scheduler or collector for one of the golf courses. This allows new members to meet the existing members and keep our club functioning efficiently.
Fees and Prizes
  • Annual dues shall include NCGA membership
  • A $2 prize and administration fee is added to each green fee for members and guests
  • Prizes are awarded for low net in each of two or three flights and closest to the pin for each event
  • An annual luncheon is held after a December round at the annual general meeting
  • Officers are elected every two years
  • A schedule of the year's events and the schedulers' names and phone numbers along with a pocket schedule are available to each member.
  • Sign up sheets for the next 4 weeks' events are available each week at the designated course the club is playing. Circle your name as playing or cross it out. Until your name is included on the sign up sheet, you must write in your name and phone number as a fill-in or with a foursome that has a known opening. Otherwise, the scheduler will fit you in and advise you of your starting time.
  • Many new members eventually form or join a regular foursome. This is not required as many members prefer to play with different members
  • You are expected to be at the course at least 30 minutes prior to your tee time. The extra time is needed for the collectors to fill in open spots on the schedule for the day. We often start earlier than scheduled.


Updated 3/2/17