Current terms of office 2018-19

Dave Schwartz Preside at meetings of the Board and meetings of the membership; coordinate work of various committees
Vice President
Rob Piper
Stand in for President when he is unable; in charge of membership
Jack Taylor
Take notes during meetings; disseminates notes to Board members
Nick Zannini
Take care of all club financial transactions including dues, NCGA dues, payments for lunch, etc. Details
Handicap Chair
John Lawrence
Maintain the email list for the club; obtain updates on handicap indexes from GHIN for each tournament; calculate and post the results after each round Details
Contracts Coordinator
Ron McDuffie
Negotiate the rounds for the year with the golf courses; publish the yearly tournament schedule Details
Master Scheduler
Peter Camp
Line up schedulers for all the tournaments during the year; train schedulers; serve as backup when needed Details
Collector Coordinator
Mike Boling
Line up collectors for all the tournaments during the year; train collectors; serve as backup when needed Details
Prize Coordinator/
Clarence Bakken
Arrange and distribute prizes for winning players; Details
Webmaster for rigggolf.org
Members At Large
Don Fernandez
Ray Mirizzi

Tom Siljander
Carry out various jobs as determined by Board; advise the Board; Immediate Past President invited to serve as Member at Large

A page of Board members' photographs is included inside the Members-Only section.
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Updated 2/1/18